Thursday, May 14, 2009

sew many things to learn

I have started to play around with my sewing machine this past week. Here is what I have learned:
Sewing can be a bonding activity with grandmothers, mother in-laws, and friends. When you sew- you are part of a club.
Sewing with your spouse on the other hand, should be illegal. There is just something about the looking over each other's shoulders that can cause bursts of rage.
Sewing machines, like the Holy Ghost go to bed before midnight (thanks BYU). Don't attempt to do any sewing past then.
Sewing is like driving. Sometimes you all of a sudden find yourself swearing at something that can't hear you.
And last but not least I have learned why I received a B in my 11th grade home economics class.

But I am having fun. One day I will post a picture of an elaborate quilt or a sassy top and you will be so impressed. Until then I will be using my seam ripper. Lovies. Andi.


Steve and Jen said...

Oh I'm so excited about this salad thing and now the tortilla soup recipe! Thanks for the info. I like using recipes that others have tried, so I don't DUMP my time into something that is not worth it.
And your Bernina is SEW worth it! Keep sewing sista!
Maybe stick to the daylight hours :-) The cursing definitely starts when it is dark for me!

Alex said...

HAHAHA....but you have my utmost respect, Andi! I am sew not interested, and you put the sew fun in it!

Merry said...

I loved this post, mostly because some of the things you learned have been things that my mom has said about sewing. You rock!

Also, I would love to know what you know about being savvy with coupons! Send me an email all about it!

Jake and Jenna said...

you're not going to believe this, but i made a quilt this weekend with my mom. what? who am i? i think we should start a sewing club. that is so gay, but i'm serious. we're jobless graduates with nothing better to do than magnify our callings and sew. i'll see you in september.

love you.