Monday, October 27, 2008


So years ago when my family took a trip to Puerto Vallarta our eyes were opened to the world of Mexican resorts. The pinas, cool braided hair, and hemp necklaces were expected. But what we didn't know we were in for was the interactive pool atmosphere we would encounter. Beanbag toss, hula hooping, and coreographed dances are just the beginning of what we were up against. Every hotel has a DJ and then 5-10 assistants who run around and try to get everyone to either dance, throw, or swivel. My families primary goal on our vacation became dodging anyone who looked like they might try and get us to do anything that required speaking with other hotel guests. We were successful and our favorite part of the vacation actually came from a reminder that happened on the loud speaker at the pool after each group game. It was always the same and seemed to stay with us. The DJ would get on and yell, "And at 1:30! Watabolybawl!!" He would then dance and high five others because this water volleyball at 1:30 was going to be something. Evan has screamed that in my ear 1.7 millions times since leaving Mexico, you'll pick it up next time he's in town. It's really catchy. Watabowlybawl!!!

Brian and I went on our honeymoon to Cancun last week and again encountered the wild poolside atmosphere of Mexico. The first day we decided to brave the Mexican heat we were cornered at the bar. Something about us screamed honeymooners and so naturally they invited us to participate in their poolside game they would be putting on in just a few minutes, "The Perfect Couple." Oh man... we were in. How could we be so foolish as to make eye contact with the hotel staff wearing khaki cargos and a cowboy hat?

We ended up playing. Above you can see our competition. Two couples in their 60's from central Illinois and a hairdresser and her husband from Yakima, WA not photographed. Her swimsuit was better left off of the blog.

Well I am happy to report that we not only played this poolside mixer, we won. Brian and I were deemed "The most perfect couple at the Westin Hotel in Cancun from 10/11-10/19." We now proudly display our prizes on our mantel and invite all to come see them. Here we are holding our shark tooth ashtray, and our ceramic lizard.