Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nathan Carter Williams

I wrote this post almost a month ago and was not quite ready to post it. But, I wanted to share this sweet little guy with you. I hope you enjoy.


This past week on May 28, my nephew Nathan passed away suddenly. It was a hard week here at the Williams home as we prepared for the funeral and reflected on the meaning of life. Nate was one of my dearest friends. He, his parents, Stephen and Jenny and sister, Ashley, have been nothing but wonderful to Brian and I as we have started our own family. They are such great friends.

Below are a few of my favorite photos of Nate. He LOVED his Uncle Brian (he called him "Bian") and I know Brian felt similarly.

This last photo of Nate holding Baby Jo is a killer. We will cherish it forever.

The funeral was amazing. It was filled with memories of Nathan and the amazing life he lived. He loved to tease, joke and play. As I have thought about Nate this week I feel nothing but love. It makes me consider my life and my relationships with those closest to me. He was never offended or moody but always treated everyone the same. What a tribute. It was great to see people come from all over to honor a boy who had touched their lives.

We love Nate and miss him dearly. We know that he, his parents and sister will be together as a family after this life, we know he will live free of any physical challenges he had while here on the earth, we know he is watching over us and sending us love daily. Believing in God and believing in a plan of what happens after life here ends really means a lot when you loose someone you love. I have felt God's love and peace this week, it has been wonderful and hard all at the same time.

We will miss our Nato always, we love him so much. Thanks for letting me share. Love you.

(Or as Nate would say, "Anea.")