Tuesday, November 24, 2009

its turkey time

Brian and I leave in just an hour for San Diego for Evan and Megan's wedding. Unfortunately I have not whitened my teeth, developed the necessary tan, or gotten the appropriate Spanks for my bridesmaid dress. Hopefully I will still succeed as a bridesmaid. I just wanted to say I have been so excited all week I can hardly stand it. This year I feel so thankful for Megan, that we have yet another addition to the Faulkner family. On Sunday we were able to have many of the Williams over for dinner to celebrate Jenny's birthday. They are our favorite people, we feel so lucky on to have them close. We are just gobble gobble thankful. So thankful that I got choked up during the Skippy commercial today. You know... the one where she makes her Dad a sandwich? Either way, I am a complete mess. A complete thankful mess. Have a happy week.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Two weeks. 8 pm- 2 am. First the economy, then the swine flu, and now this! 2009 is full of it. I sware.

Don't worry! Solitaire on the iPhone will get me through. Thanks for your concern.

I still love you all so much.