Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember this week?

Liz came to town and took Jenna away with her. :(
Jo got an Easter package from Gammy.
Jo got more adorable.
Brian was sick so he got to stay home from work a few days and play with us on the couch!
Ali and I took a picture together. This NEVER happens. We realized that although we are always together we never hug and never take pictures together. Get ready for lots of Faulkner sister photos to come. There will definitely be coordinated outfits and maybe even some hugging.Gigi and Jo hung out!
Gigi was interested in Jo for the first time! She immediately grabbed Jo's hair and so we will have to distance them until Jo can defend herself, or until Gigi grows more hair.
The six of us went to Park City on an overnighter. We played Settlers and Brian and I dominated.
Jo was a pretty little Easter egg.
We took a family photo which made our child look enormous.

I love our little family. I also love Motherhood Mondays and this talk about marriage. I also love you. Have a good week.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remember when I had a baby? Two months ago?

Can you believe it? Me, a mom!?! Well you better, because although I may never ride a bike again I do have to say that Brian and I made a pretty cute baby. I mean, she is like killer.

We are the total classic new parents. We are beyond worried about every little thing Jo does. We spend HOURS a day holding her, staring at her, talking about how cute we think she is. Brian has her on an exercise routine (this is not a joke in the slightest) and I have created a voice for her that she talks to me in (or in other words, I talk to myself all day). It would be impossible to be more in love.

Love you all.


Andrea and Jo too!