Tuesday, March 31, 2009

remember me amigos? remember the horse rapists?

I saw this clip on my friends gchat message. It reminded me of one day on my mission when I was giving a tour of Carthage Jail to 30-40 people and I was talking about the mob that broke into Carthage and I described them as, "horse rapists" opposed to "horse thieves and rapists". AWFUL! This family had 4 kids and the teenagers laughed for the next 30 minutes of the tour. Their parents kept poking them telling them to be quiet but every time they looked back up at each other they'd start laughing again.

Oh... it's hard being me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

remember when mare bear came?

Dear Blake, Del Mar Stake Young Women, San Diego Book Clubs, local humanitarian organizations, Craig, Kerby, and Frankie,

Marilyn will not be able to attend to you this week she will be here with Alison and I. We will do things like: lunch, mani pedis, and maybe even Anthro (if the market is doing well of course...) Please hold the calls, texts, and emails. We hardly ever get our momby.

Love, Andi and Pony's Mama

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it's me! andi!

I made a decision a few days ago to start introducing myself to people as Andi. I've always used the spelling Andie- Ali thinks I should go with Andi- Brian is pulling for Andy. But the "y" is too masculine? Isn't it? So I told my new life plan to Alison and she told Trent at work. He asked, "What is her new last name again?" Williams.... Oh man. We have a problem. I hadn't even thought of it! Andy Williams? Heard of him... The legendary pop singer? When I got home I opened my mail box and saw this:
Real funny Alison. I am going forward with my plan. Are you with me? Thank you. I knew I could count on you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember The Swiss Army Romance? Yes you do. Be honest now.

In class the other day my teacher invited us to analyze a love poem that is by far one of the most famous of Latin American poetry. The professor labeled the poem as, "cliche, sappy, and elaborate metaphors." Everyone tried to defend the poem in one way or another- but the professor wasn't accepting their arguments. He wanted an answer as to why so many would except a piece of literature as brilliant when it wasn't at all. I raised my hand with out thinking and found myself relating the poem to pop punk. People are quick to mock its immaturity, but there isn't a soul out there who doesn't secretly love it. It's the cliche verses that sell, the experiences we have we can't describe that they capture. I then turned to the class and dropped the name "Dashboard Confessionals??? " Most nodded- they couldn't refuse my explanation. The girl behind me even put her hands up in the air like they were on an imaginary steering wheel and while swaying her head back and forth shouted, "YOUR HAIR IS EVERYWHERE!"

My point exactly.

Although my pop punk days are behind me, I will proudly admit that I have spent countless hours with Alison in the car singing Dashboard at the top of our lungs, dedicating every song to a different boy. I will also admit to loving The Ataris, Good Charlotte, and The Juliana Theory. Now is your time to fess up too. Leave me your favorite pop punk lyrics that got you through high school below. It will be therapeutic for all.

Love, Andrea

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

remember when it was pc to knock a mormon?

Brian and i read this article last night about the HBO issue. Apparently shamelessly revealing everything Mormons hold sacred isn't a new trend. You can go here to leave a comment with HBO. Ohh silly television. You have no limits.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

dear joanna

Dear Joanna Goddard,
I read your blog "A cup of Jo" almost daily. Sometimes your posts are a little risque for my honor code abiding self, but I think you and I would be friends just the same. I was so jealous when you posted a photo of Noel's wedding. Do you like her more than me? Tell me honestly... I can take it. I don't ever comment because you get over 20 comments on every single post! How can I compete? I have never had a celebrity crush, I think you might be my first and you aren't a even a celebrity. Just a really pretty New Yorker. Love, Andrea
P.S. Ok...The whole part about the first celebrity crush was a complete lie. We've all seen the Jason Mraz YouTube clip. But maybe you are my first lady crush.