Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it's me! andi!

I made a decision a few days ago to start introducing myself to people as Andi. I've always used the spelling Andie- Ali thinks I should go with Andi- Brian is pulling for Andy. But the "y" is too masculine? Isn't it? So I told my new life plan to Alison and she told Trent at work. He asked, "What is her new last name again?" Williams.... Oh man. We have a problem. I hadn't even thought of it! Andy Williams? Heard of him... The legendary pop singer? When I got home I opened my mail box and saw this:
Real funny Alison. I am going forward with my plan. Are you with me? Thank you. I knew I could count on you.


Alison said...

I'm with you Andi!

Ani said...

I was named Andrea, and went by Andi until i was old enough to decide I thought it was a boys name. So my parents dropped the D, and Ani was born. I like Andi now though!

Breanne King said...

Yeah I've always been sad then ani didn't go by andi...and yes, I not y. Do it!!!

alexismunoadyer said...

i not y

y not?


Steve and Jen said...

What about Grace?
And is it Andi Todd, or just Andi Williams
Man, I'm so confused! :-)

You are a crack up!

Jake and Jenna said...

i like andi. but i already have a friend named andi...you will always be andrea to me, my love.

but because i love you, i'll call you whatever you want me to.