Monday, August 18, 2008

this is me posting twice in one day!

With all of the spare time I know have on my hands after finding these dresses I am able to now do things like: slalom ski, eat fruit by the foot, and create a wedding website. I would be touched if you will go and check it out!

your mom looks like she is going to a spanish funeral

After countless hours of searching for bridesmaid dresses they have been found. Last week in the Fashion Valley BCBG I was blessed with a 70% off rack that offered me 5 of the 7 bridesmaid dresses I had been praying for, agonizing over, and envisioning for 23 years! It is a misconception that ALL of the skinny sales attendants in designer stores are not helpful. Although the majority are, we found ourselves a girl committed to the cause of mustering up two more of these dresses. She was obviously aware of what it takes to dress a bridesmaid modestly, on a budget, and in style. Her dedication allowed the other 2 dresses to be ordered and they are on their way.
What does this mean? This means that I will have to go against all I set out to do: putting bridesmaids in black dresses. I had sworn against it! I wanted color! But as the shopping process continued I came to see how much of me is represented in this black, silky number.
For years now whenever shopping I will come to the counter with 3-5 pieces that all look similarly. Alison will look at them and then back to me and say something along the lines of, "We aren't going to be attending any Spanish funerals any time in the near future. Go and put those back. " Apparently my attraction to dark, shiny, and lacy pieces was preparing me for that fateful day in the BCBG. In times like these we have to stick to what we know. And I know Spanish funeral frocks.
With this obstacle tackled I feel more prepared to take on marriage, obtain multiple college degrees, employ all Latins in the U.S., and whatever else I desire. I feel that I must thank patient bridesmaids who searched and agonized with me.  I must also thank Espana for their lisp, Euro style, and for hosting me for four months. So thank you Pilar (my Spanish host mom), Franco (our favorite fascist), Julio Iglesias (Enrique's Dad who lives in Southern Spain!), Profe Otterstrom (no explanations needed), and all of you attractive Spanish women over 40 who look so good even when in mourning for being my inspiration. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

to blog or not to blog

Here I am. Blogging! Can you believe it?? For so many months I have shied away from commenting, blog hopping, or even blog stalking! And here I am... posting on my very own blog. It is just me,  a humble sister who one year ago was still wearing pantyhose and worrying about my pioneer garb. But I have decided to follow the family legacy and be here with YOU!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with one or more of the Faulkner's blog spots. We daily enjoy sheblogsheblogs and as a result of this masterpiece we spend the majority of our days either 1. Singing Ricky Martin or 2. Giggling about something that was mentioned in Ali's entry. But may I say that Alison learned from her mama! 

Three years ago in our family Christmas card Marilyn sent out her URL for her blog, she was WAY ahead of the trend. I believe that she paved the way for women over 40 to feel comfortable blogging, she has liberated thousands of housewives. Way to go Mom!

Let us not forget The Daily Kirk which has been a part of many peoples lives for years now. There has been fan mail from a variety of readers including  Toca Rivera (please tell me you recognize him as the bongo drummer for Jason Mraz...) who has even  been known to tune into the TDK.  With this said you can imagine why  it is so intimidating and even overwhelming to be debuting in this blogging world that is so foreign to me. But I will do my best not to let down Nauvoo, my family name, and  especially you.