Sunday, May 31, 2009

And then I was like... and then she said.... And then this one time I...

Yesterday we were eating dinner with my friend Jenn and she brought up something I always do! Her and her husband had gone to dinner earlier that week with another couple and her husband is really quiet. She didn't realize until the next day but she had talked the whole time. Two hours- talking. I laughed so hard when she told me because I might have been guilty of this same thing once or maybe even twice. Do you do that? So to my friends we often do dinner with- (look below) I am asking you to interrupt me, share your own anecdotes, get my husband talking, whatever it takes.

P.S. This was at my birthday in April. It was such a blast.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the rose

There are roses blooming in our front yard right now and I can't stop singing Bette Midler's song "The Rose." Confession: When I was in high school I still had naive dreams of becoming a pop star and I took voice lessons from Jessica Leiber (now Dahlquist!) That was the song I practiced. I think she once mentioned something like a recital- that was probably our last lesson. I figured if I didn't feel comfortable singing in front of a bunch of 7 year olds and their parents I would never get a record label.

Tonight we are hanging out with Kim. It looks something like this:

We are now going to Costco for churros and maybe a berry sundae.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i forgive you- do you forgive me?

Lately my heart has felt hard and closed. A tender heart is hard to come by, and it takes work to not let life's experiences creep in and harden you towards others. This morning while driving to school I was listening to an NPR interview with Diane Reams and Elizabeth Edwards. I know, everyone has 1 million opinions on her life and marriage but say what you want about Elizabeth- her comments really touched me. These feelings led to me recognize the need for forgiveness in my life. I give a lot and therefore I expect a lot and sometimes I expect too much. Do you ever do that? I have found that as a result I will foster bitterness and hurt and more resentment then the other persons actions ever warranted. When I heard Elizabeth talk about moving past the faults of others I could see how forgiveness leads to a calmer peace of mind. Sometimes when I want to forgive someone I write them a letter and fill it with how my heart really feels. I then tuck the letter away and ask Heavenly Father to tuck my bad feelings away with that letter. It works so well. I have not been writing enough letters lately. I'm going to get on that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Remember Cher?

One of the best things about being Marilyn Faulkner's daughter is that she introduces you to incredible movies and even better books. Moonstruck is a movie from 1987 about an Italian- American family in Brooklyn. The gist is this: Cher falls in love with Nicholas Cage and he has one hand and they go to the opera and Cher wears a velvet dress. It is incredible! It makes me want to have a last name like "Castarini", eat noodles, and live with a large loud Italian family. Really you'll love it- you will.

just cook already

Some of my girlfriends and I post our favorite recipes on a blog called "Just Cook Already". I think many of my lovely friends and family would really enjoy the recipes also. If you want to post on the blog let Jennabean know. I just posted my recipe for homemade bbq sauce today. It is so delicious. Enjoy amigos.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sew many things to learn

I have started to play around with my sewing machine this past week. Here is what I have learned:
Sewing can be a bonding activity with grandmothers, mother in-laws, and friends. When you sew- you are part of a club.
Sewing with your spouse on the other hand, should be illegal. There is just something about the looking over each other's shoulders that can cause bursts of rage.
Sewing machines, like the Holy Ghost go to bed before midnight (thanks BYU). Don't attempt to do any sewing past then.
Sewing is like driving. Sometimes you all of a sudden find yourself swearing at something that can't hear you.
And last but not least I have learned why I received a B in my 11th grade home economics class.

But I am having fun. One day I will post a picture of an elaborate quilt or a sassy top and you will be so impressed. Until then I will be using my seam ripper. Lovies. Andi.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

remember me? here i am just trying to be savvy

So all of the girls in my ward swear by It is a place where you can go and compare your coupons with the things on sale and then run around town to buy those specific things. Apparently you can save bundles of money and make your husband so so happy. I decided to hop on the couponing band wagon and this week was my first attempt. I was so stressed all week about what I was going to buy with my coupons I could hardly function.I literally made 4 different shopping lists.
While at Albertsons yesterday two employees in the cheese aisle asked me if I needed help. Apparently they could see the distress on my face. In my head thoughts like, "Well Britt said not to buy cheese that is more than 2$ a lb. Or was it 3$ a lb? And Mary said not to buy things you wouldn't really use. Will I use this cheese? I really like cheese...Well I don't even know where the cheese coupon is in my purse because I haven't accurately organized my coupons like we were instructed to....Should I buy one or two blocks? Are the different cheeses on sale?" The girls at Albertsons interrupted me and helped solve the cheese dilemna. I explained to them that it was my first time couponing and they nodded like they understood. Or maybe they just didn't want to make me feel bad? Either way my glory moment at the cash register was enjoyable- but I am not sure if emotionally I am cut out for couponing. That doesn't mean you aren't! Let me know if you would like any of my limited knowledge on becoming a savvy shopper.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

vanilla rooibos

This morning Brian woke me up at 6:00 by poking me in the bum repeatedly. I started to get a little grumpy with him until he dropped the word "Starbucks." I am now sipping my Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte:
"Full leaf African rooibos tea(naturally caffeine free), also known as red tea, paired with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. Sweetened with classic syrup and topped with steamed milk and velvety foam."
It is that good. Ali and Jenna do you want to come home and sip with me?

Monday, May 4, 2009

remember brian todd?

B.T. has had a busy week. He was put in the bishopric yesterday and it is 9:00 p.m. and he is still at work today. As for me... well as of today I am an official trophy wife. No school, no kid, no work. I'm just here waiting at home for Brian Todd with a cold dinner. I made Asian stir fry and mango lassis! They are so yummy I can't stop drinking them and if I don't get a job soon I won't be able to stop blogging either. Until then I am going to soak up every moment of my couch, kitchen, and front yard. Won't you join me for a lassi? Kisses.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

ohh dear brett

Tonight Brian and I are staying in with Brett. You can find him and many more friends here. We especially enjoy his braided wristband.

Friday, May 1, 2009

la bernina

So I know my posts are often sentimental- I'm sorry. I am promising a summer full of surface level posts filled with fashion and stories about our perfect life that don't explain how we really feel. THEY ARE COMING. But tonight is my last day at the MTC. After three years I am finally retiring my name tag, the panty hose, my Preach My Gospel. And man, I am really sad.

There was nine months of this:

And then four months of this:

And finally five beautiful months of this:

Starting tomorrow Brian will have a new wife. One who is not so drained emotionally because she can't stop worrying about her elders who are homesick. A wife who has time to cook, and maybe even clean. This wife of his will be especially neat because today I am getting one of these:

I really have loved my missionaries- every single one of them. I will miss praying for them every night, I will also miss them praying for and teaching me everyday. I know my Bernina won't replace their love, nothing can. But if I can't have my missionaries at least I will have my Bernina Activa 230.