Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the rose

There are roses blooming in our front yard right now and I can't stop singing Bette Midler's song "The Rose." Confession: When I was in high school I still had naive dreams of becoming a pop star and I took voice lessons from Jessica Leiber (now Dahlquist!) That was the song I practiced. I think she once mentioned something like a recital- that was probably our last lesson. I figured if I didn't feel comfortable singing in front of a bunch of 7 year olds and their parents I would never get a record label.

Tonight we are hanging out with Kim. It looks something like this:

We are now going to Costco for churros and maybe a berry sundae.


hanner said...

Don't worry, I played the piano and sang "The Rose" at my 4th grade talent show. I'm pretty sure that performance was the impetus for my low self-esteem for the next several years.

Jessica Dahlquist said...

I am so glad that "the Rose" has served you well after so many years. Loved those singing lessons with you! I think we made some progress during those meetings :)

mgfaulkner said...

I can't decide whether I want to be Cher or Bette Midler in my alternative universe. I think Bette.

Steve and Jen said...

This song in a CLASSIC! Keep singin! I'll sing with you, and we can make up our own dance moves. It could be REALLY great or just really FUNNY!

Someday I'll show you our secret collection of lipsink videos (highlight is "I got you babe" by Sunny & Sher.)
Yup, we did it as newlyweds. Does that give you a great idea for your next FHE? HAAH!