Friday, May 1, 2009

la bernina

So I know my posts are often sentimental- I'm sorry. I am promising a summer full of surface level posts filled with fashion and stories about our perfect life that don't explain how we really feel. THEY ARE COMING. But tonight is my last day at the MTC. After three years I am finally retiring my name tag, the panty hose, my Preach My Gospel. And man, I am really sad.

There was nine months of this:

And then four months of this:

And finally five beautiful months of this:

Starting tomorrow Brian will have a new wife. One who is not so drained emotionally because she can't stop worrying about her elders who are homesick. A wife who has time to cook, and maybe even clean. This wife of his will be especially neat because today I am getting one of these:

I really have loved my missionaries- every single one of them. I will miss praying for them every night, I will also miss them praying for and teaching me everyday. I know my Bernina won't replace their love, nothing can. But if I can't have my missionaries at least I will have my Bernina Activa 230.


KateHazen said...

So, I recently obtained a little machine like that for myself! I'm very excited for you! We are so domestic.

P.S. The MTC will miss you. You make missionary work look good! :)

Steve and Jen said...

Giddy-up on your projects! I'm sure Brian will love his "new wife" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey. The up side is that you won't have to dress like a sister missionary anymore! :)