Thursday, April 23, 2009

remember when cecil and i broke up?

Wonderful things BYU has brought into my life:

Katie Brookes, Pam the landlord, girlfriends who love me, kareoke in Brigham square, 207 ward FHEs, dining plus, parking tickets, a desire to serve a mission, white boys who speak every language imaginable, Mavericks, A HUSBAND, Spanish, the "no shh" zone, hundreds of class friends, and a love for Latin America.

So Cecil, Cosmo, Brother Brigham, Profe O., and all of you return missionaries who helped me with my Spanish homework this one is for you.

Thank you. No seriously, thanks a lot. I really loved my time with you.
And tomorrow when I walk across that stage in my new cute sandals I will be thinking of you and your love.

girls just wanna watch movies about love, dancing, and other girls

Today I am cleaning my house and watching this:

Every time I see Sarah Jessica I think of these girls:

And I remember how excited I am to do this at Shannon's wedding:

If you need me for the next two hours I will be with Janey and Lynne on Dance TV.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

remember when he came out of retirement?

Such a sad day for HGTV and cage fighting on ESPN. They will really miss Brian. Congratulations BT! Go Fieldstone!

Here he is just being so handsome. Love guts- Andrea