Thursday, April 23, 2009

girls just wanna watch movies about love, dancing, and other girls

Today I am cleaning my house and watching this:

Every time I see Sarah Jessica I think of these girls:

And I remember how excited I am to do this at Shannon's wedding:

If you need me for the next two hours I will be with Janey and Lynne on Dance TV.


Stephdeezy said...

It's the way to go fo sho. If you don't watch movies about love, dancing, and other girls. Then it's easy to forget why you love you girls so much!

How fun! So guess what Sista!? I'm going to Nauvoo this summer for a week. It's still in the works but I can't wait. Any tips? Loves*

Steve and Jen said...

Andi, girls just wanna make yummy chicken enchiladas! And yummy desserts and train with the hardest work out video around! That is what is fun - RIGHT? :-)

Seriously, having girl friends is ULTIMATE!

Welcome to pojo... said...

best movie ever! i used to dance in front of the tv and pretend to be on dance tv!