Monday, March 22, 2010

little brother blake and pie and his mission call!

South Provo can get kinda lonely when your husband is out of town on business. Fortunately I have a little brother at the dorms to come play with me. And fortunately little brother Blake is taking Food 101 at BYU. And fortunately they teach him how to make things like apple pie which he comes and bakes at my house. And fortunately I have an Iphone to document the whole thing.

I got so excited about the pie that I did the pie dance...

Blake whipped the pie out of the oven and then with his hot mitts on did a little pie dance of his own!

Go B-dawg!

And best news of all... Yesterday we found out that this little guy will be reporting July 28th to the MTC to go to the Chile, Vina Del Mar mission! We are thrilled for him and all of those Chilenos who get to enjoy him for two whole years.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Q and A with The Williams

A spicy interview with The Williams Family to catch up on their lives after months and months of dull posts. Enjoy!

Blogger: We heard you and Brian have new jobs! Where are you working now?
Williams: This is true! Brian started working for City Deals last month doing sales and marketing. He really likes it and is doing awesome there. You should go and check out the site because there are some dreamy deals for those of you in the Utah area. And last week I started at Maggie Sottero. I will also be working on the Sales and Marketing team, but more specifically with the Quinceanera gown line. It will incorporate all of my favorite things: Fluffy dresses, Latinas, and high waisted pencil skirts.

B: That is great! How have you adapted to this life style change? From what I understand you were averaging a few hours a day on Netflix. Will you be able to handle a real job?
W: That is a valid concern, but I am embracing the increased demands on my schedule. Plus, season 4 of Friday Night Lights isn't even on Netflix yet so I figure I might as well work full time until then. Thank you for your concern though.

B: What is this I hear about The Williams Family in a video with over half a million views on YouTube?
W: Oh, well yes that is true! Our friends Eddie and Bree made the video to enter a contest for the best spoof on a Kesha video. If you haven't seen the final product yet, I'll post it below. Brian is C3P0 and I am one of the Trekkie girls who fights at the end. While watching make sure you notice little brother Blake as the security guard and older sister Ali, a Trekkie, with a dance solo!

B: Anything else we should know about? It has been quite some time since you have blogged...
W: Yes, it has been awhile. But we do have more news! Brian was released last week from the Bishopric in our student ward. It is a year long calling that went oh so quickly. He has been such a Bishopric all-star, it will be a definite change not having him serving there any longer. Other than that, I was accepted into the Masters Program at the University of Utah for this upcoming Fall 2010 in Linguistics. Obviously the letter came the same day I got my new fabulous job, so we will just have to see where 2010 takes us. But I am thrilled about the program, and I really like being a Ute. No offense Cosmo.

B: Is there anything you want to leave your readers with?
W: Yes there is! Thank you for not giving up on us these past few months. We love your blogging guts.