Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tonight I finished the laundry. This week it only took me two days to start and finish the laundry. I felt like that was an incredible accomplishment considering some weeks it takes me up to 6 days to finally get the last load out of the dryer. True story.

Brian has been watching America's Funniest Home Videos daily. Two days ago he started crying from laughing so hard- he just loves watching people run their bikes into poles and hit their crotches time and time again.

I am just now ordering my wedding photos. I am thinking some of you want to order some too (not of us of course! Pictures of you!) If you went or just want to take a look go here to Leo's site. They will go offline pretty soon- let me know if you want to print any off!

This week I died my eyebrows.

When I don't blog I miss this imaginary group of readers- I think about you a lot. What I would say if I was to blog- what I wouldn't say even though I kind of want to.

Today I read this article on LDS.org and I was really inspired. Don't judge me- it's about modesty.

And lastly, I will confess that I am guilty of what I like to call "blog envying". Looking at others lives and thinking- they have it all together- their marriage is perfect- or they probably never eat peanut butter oreo cakesters in the middle of the day like I do. But tonight as I was looking at a pictures of B.T. and I and I felt so happy for the experiences we are having at our own pace one day at a time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

remember when i graduated?

Yes, well I still am not employed. Suggestions? Leads? Encouragement? PLEASE! Do you think it is sketchy to apply for jobs I find on Craigslist? Don't you want to hire me? I am looking for a job that:
Is part time
Involves talking to people- preferably in Spanish for a portion of my days
Does not require me to wear a hair net
Does not require me to work a lot of evenings
Does want to pay me more than Utah's minimum wage.

I'm sure you guys will think of something- thanks for your help. Andrea

Thursday, June 11, 2009

courage and faith and love and remembering

This week Brian and I are going down to St. George with some friends for the weekend. We are so very excited. But before I left I wanted to post a little note to all of my lovelies. This week I have been thinking a lot about this:

On June 13th it will be one year since John passed away. He is my best friend Brittany's daddy. He was such a wonderful father, husband, priesthood holder, and served our country for so many years. He was such a good friend and example to me and every year on June 13th I feel grateful that I was able to watch him so bravely fight cancer. And I will always feel grateful for what I have learned from the Pierce's as they have fought the battle of life with out their dad and husband. This picture was taken right after John was diagnosed with cancer. Britt and Brandon were both serving as missionaries but came home for a day to go to the temple as a family. Don't you love that? Don't you love that they went back out and finished their missions? So, so brave. Love you all. Have a good rainy weekend- we will be basking. - Brian and Andrea Todd

Thursday, June 4, 2009

remember when ali gave her dog away?

Brian and I are puppysitting Shane and Lauren's dog Lucy this week. And we LOVE her. We have been looking into getting our own little Lucy for quite some time. Fortunately I have a wise, expressive older sister whose experience with dog ownership led us to reconsider. But after almost a week of Lucy I want one more than ever.