Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember when you followed me?

Friends! I blog! I promise! I am just blogging in more than one spot. After Jojo was born I went to work for Faulkner Media Group as their social media marketer. We make marketing materials for financial advisors and real estate agents that feature motion graphic videos. I write their blogs, as well as run their Facebook and Twitter pages. Come follow us to show your support, it would mean a lot.

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One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to share the things that are most important to us with our friends and family. I feel like supporting blogs and businesses of my friends has been so fulfilling and enriching. Here are a few other sites I think you might enjoy following:

Roxy and Sam are the most stylish couple we know started an Etsy shop selling all of their best vintage finds.

The most physically fit person I know Liz (who is actually in the hospital delivering as I type!), has a fitness blog with great health living tips.

And on a more serious note, our friends Matt and Ani lost their little girl Ruby to a liver disease a few weeks ago and started the Ruby Jane Taylor Foundation in her honor. The foundation will work to get legislation put in place that will save lives through making organ donations more accessible.

Here is a picture of Jojo and I playing this morning after our walk to remind you of how I feel about you.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nathan Carter Williams

I wrote this post almost a month ago and was not quite ready to post it. But, I wanted to share this sweet little guy with you. I hope you enjoy.


This past week on May 28, my nephew Nathan passed away suddenly. It was a hard week here at the Williams home as we prepared for the funeral and reflected on the meaning of life. Nate was one of my dearest friends. He, his parents, Stephen and Jenny and sister, Ashley, have been nothing but wonderful to Brian and I as we have started our own family. They are such great friends.

Below are a few of my favorite photos of Nate. He LOVED his Uncle Brian (he called him "Bian") and I know Brian felt similarly.

This last photo of Nate holding Baby Jo is a killer. We will cherish it forever.

The funeral was amazing. It was filled with memories of Nathan and the amazing life he lived. He loved to tease, joke and play. As I have thought about Nate this week I feel nothing but love. It makes me consider my life and my relationships with those closest to me. He was never offended or moody but always treated everyone the same. What a tribute. It was great to see people come from all over to honor a boy who had touched their lives.

We love Nate and miss him dearly. We know that he, his parents and sister will be together as a family after this life, we know he will live free of any physical challenges he had while here on the earth, we know he is watching over us and sending us love daily. Believing in God and believing in a plan of what happens after life here ends really means a lot when you loose someone you love. I have felt God's love and peace this week, it has been wonderful and hard all at the same time.

We will miss our Nato always, we love him so much. Thanks for letting me share. Love you.

(Or as Nate would say, "Anea.")

Monday, May 23, 2011

You go, girlfriend!

Today I am in love with the internet and the opportunities it offers us. Since having Jo I have been working from home for my Dad doing research and other marketing projects. It has been the best thing for my mental health, has kept me away from the baby blues, and I feel like a better mom every time I take a few hours to work on projects that help me learn. Today I stumbled across this video, a presentation given by Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg. I thoroughly enjoyed the advice she gives to women everywhere who are balancing work and home life. Not only is her presentation flawless, she gives the whole thing in 4 inch heels. Impressive!

PS My religious views on gender roles are found here. (Did you know I'm Mormon!?!?)
PSS I wrote a post on Latin feminism a few years ago that I feel like you should read here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember this week?

Liz came to town and took Jenna away with her. :(
Jo got an Easter package from Gammy.
Jo got more adorable.
Brian was sick so he got to stay home from work a few days and play with us on the couch!
Ali and I took a picture together. This NEVER happens. We realized that although we are always together we never hug and never take pictures together. Get ready for lots of Faulkner sister photos to come. There will definitely be coordinated outfits and maybe even some hugging.Gigi and Jo hung out!
Gigi was interested in Jo for the first time! She immediately grabbed Jo's hair and so we will have to distance them until Jo can defend herself, or until Gigi grows more hair.
The six of us went to Park City on an overnighter. We played Settlers and Brian and I dominated.
Jo was a pretty little Easter egg.
We took a family photo which made our child look enormous.

I love our little family. I also love Motherhood Mondays and this talk about marriage. I also love you. Have a good week.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Remember when I had a baby? Two months ago?

Can you believe it? Me, a mom!?! Well you better, because although I may never ride a bike again I do have to say that Brian and I made a pretty cute baby. I mean, she is like killer.

We are the total classic new parents. We are beyond worried about every little thing Jo does. We spend HOURS a day holding her, staring at her, talking about how cute we think she is. Brian has her on an exercise routine (this is not a joke in the slightest) and I have created a voice for her that she talks to me in (or in other words, I talk to myself all day). It would be impossible to be more in love.

Love you all.


Andrea and Jo too!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Remember when I was really pregnant?

Hi! Remember when I used to blog? Well here I am, a stay at home wife, ready to give it another go. I have been told by medical professionals that this pregnancy thing will be over fairly soon (although I hardly believe them) and so I feel it necessary to write a few of my thoughts about pregnancy. Here are some people/things who have meant so much to me these past 9 months:

Nicolitalias Pizza AND buffalo wings.
My work GFs who always told me I looked pretty and went with me for french toast sticks when I had to have them.
The Snoogle.
My mom and mom-in-law. Both have told me such sweet stories of what being a mom means to them.
Ali, thank you for making things for my baby and being as excited about her coming as I am.
KFC mashed potatoes.
My bathtub.
And of course, my cute husband. In the first trimester he never complained that I only left the house for work. In the second trimester he said things like, "The only place you have gained weight is your stomach." And now, after we get done reading about the stages of labor and I couldn't feel more scared he'll lean over and tell me, "You're going to do awesome." What a guy.

Our original due date was the 15th of this month but was moved to the 25th after our first appointment. Last week they told me she could now come at any time. Yikes. Although I can't wait to have her here to hold and to be with, there is so much of me that wants her to stay in my tummy forever. I just love that right now we do everything together, best of friends.

I really think you are going to want to see her when she gets here, I have a feeling she will be pretty cute. I'll keep you posted, wish me luck!