Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember when you followed me?

Friends! I blog! I promise! I am just blogging in more than one spot. After Jojo was born I went to work for Faulkner Media Group as their social media marketer. We make marketing materials for financial advisors and real estate agents that feature motion graphic videos. I write their blogs, as well as run their Facebook and Twitter pages. Come follow us to show your support, it would mean a lot.

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One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to share the things that are most important to us with our friends and family. I feel like supporting blogs and businesses of my friends has been so fulfilling and enriching. Here are a few other sites I think you might enjoy following:

Roxy and Sam are the most stylish couple we know started an Etsy shop selling all of their best vintage finds.

The most physically fit person I know Liz (who is actually in the hospital delivering as I type!), has a fitness blog with great health living tips.

And on a more serious note, our friends Matt and Ani lost their little girl Ruby to a liver disease a few weeks ago and started the Ruby Jane Taylor Foundation in her honor. The foundation will work to get legislation put in place that will save lives through making organ donations more accessible.

Here is a picture of Jojo and I playing this morning after our walk to remind you of how I feel about you.



The Daily Kirk said...

Friggin cute.

Merry said...

That picture is adorable!

J Dub and Lady D said...

YEAH!!!!! Glad You posted about your blog so I was able to find it! Some of the sisters went back to Nauvoo this summer.... it made me miss everyone! ADORABLE PICTURE, PS :) said...

i love you. can we have a play date with our munchkins please???

Steve and Jen said...

Nice job blogin lady! I love how you show your support to others too! And that pic of you and Jo is PRICELESS! Show's so much of your amazing personalities! Love you both!

Lindsay said...

Stop it! You two are way too adorable! :) Hope all is well! <3 Lindsay

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Crystal said...

Very kind of you to recommend other sites. I look forward to visiting you at your new home and visiting the other sites you mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

wow, sooo cute!
please check uot my links too!

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A Castle said...

You never need to feel alone with the internet available to all.