Saturday, February 5, 2011

Remember when I was really pregnant?

Hi! Remember when I used to blog? Well here I am, a stay at home wife, ready to give it another go. I have been told by medical professionals that this pregnancy thing will be over fairly soon (although I hardly believe them) and so I feel it necessary to write a few of my thoughts about pregnancy. Here are some people/things who have meant so much to me these past 9 months:

Nicolitalias Pizza AND buffalo wings.
My work GFs who always told me I looked pretty and went with me for french toast sticks when I had to have them.
The Snoogle.
My mom and mom-in-law. Both have told me such sweet stories of what being a mom means to them.
Ali, thank you for making things for my baby and being as excited about her coming as I am.
KFC mashed potatoes.
My bathtub.
And of course, my cute husband. In the first trimester he never complained that I only left the house for work. In the second trimester he said things like, "The only place you have gained weight is your stomach." And now, after we get done reading about the stages of labor and I couldn't feel more scared he'll lean over and tell me, "You're going to do awesome." What a guy.

Our original due date was the 15th of this month but was moved to the 25th after our first appointment. Last week they told me she could now come at any time. Yikes. Although I can't wait to have her here to hold and to be with, there is so much of me that wants her to stay in my tummy forever. I just love that right now we do everything together, best of friends.

I really think you are going to want to see her when she gets here, I have a feeling she will be pretty cute. I'll keep you posted, wish me luck!