Thursday, March 5, 2009

dear joanna

Dear Joanna Goddard,
I read your blog "A cup of Jo" almost daily. Sometimes your posts are a little risque for my honor code abiding self, but I think you and I would be friends just the same. I was so jealous when you posted a photo of Noel's wedding. Do you like her more than me? Tell me honestly... I can take it. I don't ever comment because you get over 20 comments on every single post! How can I compete? I have never had a celebrity crush, I think you might be my first and you aren't a even a celebrity. Just a really pretty New Yorker. Love, Andrea
P.S. Ok...The whole part about the first celebrity crush was a complete lie. We've all seen the Jason Mraz YouTube clip. But maybe you are my first lady crush.


Alex said...

OK, you read my thoughts- Joanna is my idol!!!

i love big willy style.

Steve and Jen said...

A. Grace Todd you are a STAR on my blog!
Thanks for a fun skiing memory! (POLES) :-)

Alison said...

Where is noelle on there? I looked but didnt see it?

Alex said...

yeah willy- where is noelle's wedding? find it and post it!!!

noelle regina said...

i don't think it was my wedding- must be another noelle!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh my GOODNESS! i just saw this post. you are so, so sweet. thank you so much. i am so touched. i just read this to my boyfriend and i almost teared up. thank you so much, truly. love, joanna