Monday, March 30, 2009

remember when mare bear came?

Dear Blake, Del Mar Stake Young Women, San Diego Book Clubs, local humanitarian organizations, Craig, Kerby, and Frankie,

Marilyn will not be able to attend to you this week she will be here with Alison and I. We will do things like: lunch, mani pedis, and maybe even Anthro (if the market is doing well of course...) Please hold the calls, texts, and emails. We hardly ever get our momby.

Love, Andi and Pony's Mama


Steve and Jen said...

Um Andi, did you cut your hair, you sexy mama?
Cute, Sassy, and FRESH!

andrea said...

jenny! i didnt! this is an old photo! i loved that cut... i want to cut it to be like you.... but i have this goal to have hair down to my waist line. it has been a life long goal and i figure now with btw by my side i maybe can accomplish my dream. love you!

Alex said...

JEAL...super super jeal.
Can i come say hello?

Jennifer said...

have fun with your mom! plus what's up with the new name?