Wednesday, February 4, 2009

remember when i went on a mission? remember when i went to NAUVOO?

You do? Me too! Yesterday I woke up for school and took a little more time getting ready. I haven't been feeling my best lately, so I thought maybe a little eye liner and a well thought out outfit could really start the day out right. I got to school and took off my coat, looked around, and I seriously couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. I felt so good when I had gotten dressed. Why did I all of a sudden feel so frumpy? Then I remembered this:

Oh yeah, I was once a missionary and maybe I still work at the MTC, and so maybe when I get dressed I think it is cute to wear shade shirts layered with a patterned button down and an oversized solid cardigan. Whoops.
What is a girl to do? Sorry I think panty hose are strangely comfortable, sorry I like a conservative preppy look, sorry I think midcalf skirts are actually really cute... I'm even wearing one right now. I really am sorry.

All of this aside, today something really important happened in Nauvoo. Thousands of people decided to leave and walk in the freezing cold across the river so that they could continue believing what they know is true. Here they are walking:

I really love these people, I really am so glad that they had the courage to do something so hard. I hope you love them too, if not... we can talk. Right now in my life sometimes I feel like I am doing hard things. Maybe I'm not... but what they did was hard, and right, and I love Nauvoo. And I love you too! I'll being seeing you soon. Most likely in hose and a button down. Andrea


AaReAn said...

wow I can't imagine walking in this figidness...even worse over there in that frigidness! By the way you always look apologizing for being able to pull off the mid-calf rock it girl! Okay by the way I deleted two comments b/c I kept posting my comments with stupid spelling mistakes! haha and that just bugs me when there are spelling errors! :-)

Alison said...

I'm glad you're not in Nauvoo anymore.

Jennifer said...

well nauvoo looks nice and so does your midcalf dress but i think utah is nice and knee length dresses and the fact that you are here to makes it nice

JO said...

I wish you were still in Nauvoo because I miss you! If they had walked today, it would have been a much nicer day. It was 67 at the airport in Quincy--record high! I missed the festival due to taking care of the post-surgical hubby, but maybe next year. Or the year after as it will be on Sat in 2011.

Erin said...

Frumpy? Whatever. I know what you mean though. Obviously, I'm the same way.

Jendar said...

do you remember how we both met at the MTC like three years ago? btw, im wearing one of my mission skirts right this second, even though im not on a mission and i dont work at the MTC. i just love doing missionary work in nyc.