Friday, January 9, 2009

the milkshaker

Meet Elizabeth Posey Jones

Liz is one of my closest friends. She has many names and great qualities. I thought I would share some of them with you today.

Miss North Augusta- Liz won the North Augusta Beauty Pageant in 2003. Yes, yes she really did.
Our Southern Bell-Liz does everything a good Southern girl should do. Makes grits, has hot rollers, wears pearls, etc.
Elder Posey's daughter- Liz's family owns a funeral home in South Carolina that has survived for generation. They are seriously a big deal in South Carolina, for good reason.
The Milkshaker- Liz loves to dance. She has been known to "drop it" on the dance floor, BYU campus, her car, even on tables occasionally.
Mrs. Jones- Liz and Rob are so cute! Rob limits Liz's accessories to five each day, like any good husband would.
Lizard- Liz is an incredible friend. She calls you back, will always go to Bajios with you, listens to your troubles, and always writes her friends notes.
The Pilates Guru, Yoga Queen, Fitness Inspiration- Liz teaches over 30 hours of exercise classes a week.

She has recently started a new blog with information, tips, and fitness advice:
Go and read some of Liz's tips. I went to her pilates class this morning. I am having a difficult time sitting up straight because my abs are so sore.
What do you love about Liz? Do share...


Alison said...

Liz is the best thing to have ever happened to Yoga!

Alex said...

I think she is the instructor of the Pilates class at Gold's I go to!
It's the only class I've ever taken that has made my abs sore for days!

Holley said...

whoa! 1. i found you blog (hope this isn't getting to weird for you) 2. i totally go to Liz's classes all the time and love her! no, i have never talked to her, well, except just one minute to ask her if she teaches more classes at golds, but i think she is super cute and totally fun! i love that you are friends with her and also a little jealous! (sorry about all the exclamation marks)