Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fiery hot

Today I got really worked up. Long day at the office, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, traffic, Arizona immigration legislation, that's enough to drive a girl crazy! I came home to a relaxed husband watching Arrested Development reruns on the couch. He was having such a great time I was so happy that he was there and that I am his wife and that he helps me not feel like a crazy. And so I say to all of you: watch more netflix, and love your rommies, it helps with the craziness.


Holley said...

you have got to stop listening to npr... :)

Steve and Jen said...

Remember "Grace" if you ever need some calming words on a crazy day like you had, you can always tune into Mr. Glen Beck. I'm sure he would help you find a little peace. Second thought, maybe NetFlix and Brian are a better idea!