Saturday, January 30, 2010

tutoring programs

Some of you know that I help organize tutoring programs in Utah County. The programs are opportunities for Spanish Speaking congregations, or communities, to bring their children to a chapel or a community center to be tutored. Student wards or individual volunteers who are interested come and volunteer their time weekly to help these kids with homework. The program has grown so much this past year, I have felt lucky to be a part of it. This week BYU Television is airing a program on us! Here are the times:

BYU Television:
Sunday 12:00 am
Wednesday 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm

It will also air on Channel 11 KBYU-TV:
Sunday 3:00 pm
Monday 5:00 am

If any of you are interested in participating or getting your ward involved please email me. The program provides opportunity for service, missionary work, to serve as a mentor, and countless opportunities to play with small Latin children.

Here is a list and the times of the programs we already have in place. Feel free to stop by at any of them to check it out. We would love it!


Provo Seventh-day
Adventist Community Center
255 South 700 East
Thursday, 7- 8 p.m.

South LDS Stake Center
440 West 1200 South
Wednesday, 6- 7 p.m.

Grandview East LDS Stake Center
1081 West 1060 North
Wednesday, 6- 7 p.m.

Bonneville LDS Stake Center
85 South 900 East
Tuesday, 7- 8 p.m.

East LDS Stake Center
502 East 200 North
Wednesday 7- 8 p.m.

Franklin Community Center
(Inside the Boulders Apartments)
750 South 650 West
Tuesaday and Thursday, 7- 8 p.m.

Parkway LDS Stake Center
225 West 620 North
Thursday, 6:45- 7:45 p.m.

Provo LDS Stake Center
1745 South State Street
Tuesday, 7- 8 p.m.

Heber LDS Stake Center
Chapel 600 South 715 East
Tuesday, 7- 8 p.m.

Suncrest LDS Stake Center
95 North 600 West
Tuesday, 6:30- 7:30 p.m.


Merry said...

I didn't realized that individuals could volunteer too! I think that I might get involved after this semester!

Steve and Jen said...

there you go again being a famous movie star! Way to rock the house with Espanol!

BrittWilk said...

wow. very cool. didn't realize it had gotten so big! so glad you're still loving your calling. you're perfect for it.

andrea said...


You can just show up at any program. Our Tuesday Thursday program at the Boulders community center is a big one. You and Dave should start your own where you live! You'd be perfect!

Megan said...

Look at you being a big deal ...

Mary said...

What a great cause and service opportunity!

Alison said...

i don't like helping other people. sorry. that's your job.

Tiffany said...

why are you the cutest thing ever!!!!

The Beastmaster's Beauty said...

New post!

(I love you! Just harrassin' a little 'cause I miss you.)