Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i blog again!

Do you think I'm hip enough to be on Ace of Cakes? If not- will I ever be? I know I can't really frost a cake, but I really feel like they are all so cool. Do you think that I would be that calm and collected if I was being filmed? I went to a wedding this weekend and made friends with the cameraman and photographer in the first hour. I didn't mean to. I am just saying I am comfortable in front of a camera. So maybe I should apply for a job at Charm City Bakery.

I just wanted to let you know- I'm back. And I am ready to be on camera and until then I will be here blogging with you. I've missed you.

1 comment:

AaReAn said...

Andrea, I freakin' LOVE ace of cakes! I was just watching that today! I think you would be fantastic...the camera love you! :-) Oh yeah work it girl work it! hehe