Monday, December 15, 2008

the moose

Tomorrow Brian Todd turns 28. I thought I would share with you some little known facts with you about Mr. BTW to honor him on this special day.
Brian was the biggest baby ever born in the San Jose Hospital. Weighing in at almost 11 lbs the nurses affectionately called him "The Moose."
Brian stayed up more than one night with me while planning our wedding to write on all 300 post cards I insisted on personalizing.
Brian also applied stamps to the majority of these 300 postcards. He went through 4 glue sticks!
Brian has a blog. He has only posted once:

Brian can hold himself horizontal on a pole.
Brian loves babies and every time he sees one he makes this airplane noise.
Brian thinks that sneakers and jeans are coming back in style.
Brian actually believes that sneakers and jeans were once in style.
Brian lived in the dorms... as a return missionary.
Brian fixes flat tires.
Brian once sold his car (worth $800) to the owners of Betos in Logan for $5,000 in cash, a horchata, and a California burrito.
Brian is really a good artist. He draws and even paints.
Brian fixes rain gutters.
Brian drives his Subaru like he is in a James Bond movie. He often pulls the emergency break, does a donut, or flys past another car.
Brian wears a headlamp at least once a day. Sometimes to fix stuff, sometimes in the dark, and sometimes just because Brian loves outdoor gear.
Brian loves to bargain shop. Brian won't leave a store until he has gotten a deal. This is Bill, Brian wouldn't leave RC Willey until Bill agreed to give us free pillows with our new couches.
Brian is kind to everyone. Brian forgives anyone who hurts him, and never brings it up again. Brian loves you! Brian loves everyone. And that is why everyone loves Brian. I am honored to be Mrs. BTW. Happy Birthday Brian Todd.


Alison said...


Steve and Jen said...

Cute post Mrs Andrea Grace Todd, Happy BURTDAY Brian!

m.m. said...

happy day, brian! i'm a little worried about you ripping off the kind workers at betos though. pasa nada, i'll forgive you.

Liese said...

Andrea! You and Brian are just too cute! Love you guys! said...

oh...cute :) so fun to see you guys this weekend, we need to get again together soon! We love you guys...think you are wonderful. ps remember that one time in the seventies hall when you introduced me to blogging...I had never heard of it...I shouldn't admit that should I

Chelsea said...

what a lovely shout out.
it was lovely to see you last week.
i hope your books turned out lovely too

Jake and Jenna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.WILLIAMS! much love from big vela style

Jamie said...

Now if only I could meet Brian...Sounds like you got a great catch!

I fear for you and child birth, Andrea. Seriously, he could be passing those big baby genes onto your posterity!

In response to your post, The Cooks miss the Faulkners!

AaReAn said...

i am glad to see you have jumped on the blogging band wagon! :-) Love the wedding pics! Wish we could have been there in Cali for the reception!!! :-(

Drew and Kathleen said...

Hey Andrea, i found your blog and would love to read! Cute shoutout to your man...glad to know things are going well!


P.S. Our blog is usually private, you can post your email and I can add you if you'd like.=)

SMITTY said...
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Anonymous said...

hi hi! I just found your blog. You are so great. How is marriage? Maybe we need to have a double date....?