Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hitch hiker diaries

last friday brian and i spent the day with with a hitch hiker named james. brian picked him up outside of gunnison, utah and he spent the night in our unfurnished basement. he was relatively harmless, just looking for his own jack kerouac or che guevara expereince. you know, the "out to find the good the world has to offer" attitude. something we completely agree with right? of course! so what did we do to show james a good time? show him the best provo has to offer? well let me tell you:
- my cute husband bought him a new bike wheel and gave him a futon to sleep on downstairs
- i made him a plate of left over spaghetti for lunch
- we shared with him our costco bag of mini assorted chocolates
- we took him to nicolitalias for dinner
- like any good mormon couple would we explained to james topics such as: mitt romney, lamanites, temple marriage, and sober dance parties
- and last but not least i had james sit down with me and look at over an hour of wedding pictures! recently scanned in by leo patrone!

just like we love james, we love you! and brian and i also want to share each of these things with you! we will start with our wedding pictures. tell us what you think.


Lauren Dyer said...

I just love that you took in a hitch hiker, and fed him, and gave him a place to sleep. You're such nice people. But, maybe you shouldn't make a habit out of it?? Just in case the next one is a total crazy who will kill you in your sleep.

Brian Braves said...

wow! that's impressive! when i told my dad that brian and andrea picked up a hitch hiker and let him sleep in their basement, he said, that's all i need to know.
love ya-lauren

courtni said...

I worry about all my sisters and am glad this turned out to be a moment where the world was a little bit better! :) xo

rob and liz jones said...

oh wow.. for some this doesn't surprise me but i can't believe you forgot to tell me this! i am glad that he turned out to be a nice guy.